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Mazel Tov, Nite-Owl!

Watchmen’s Dan Dreiberg almost makes it on the list of the top five jewish super heroes

Oy! Comic Book Resources has published it list of the top five jewish super heroes, and Watchmen’s Nite-Owl II has made the cut (insert circumcision joke here). Well, actually, he’s not on the official list, but he did get an honorable mention.

You see, according to CBR, even though Nite-Owl II’s given name is Dan Dreiberg, which appears to be a jewish name, there's really no other proof of his religious heritage:

I always figured he was Jewish, and most sites listing Jewish heroes have him on it, but yeah, it’s only based on his last name, so I agree - not enough!!

That’s right, there are web sites that list the religions of most of the popular comic book heroes and villains. In fact, according to, Rorschach is an Objectivist and both Dr. Manhattan and Ozymandias are Utilitarian.

Sharing honorable mentions on CBR’s list of jewish heroes were Colossal Boy, Prime and Sabra, whose heritages were not in question — they just weren’t cool enough, I guess.

So who was the number one jewish super hero on their list? Turns out the honor goes to Ben Grimm, better know as The Thing from Marvel Comic’s Fantastic Four. For the complete list of all five heroes, head to

Source: Comic Book Resources

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