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Japanese Trailer Very Juicy

Well, this trailer just came out of nowhere today, but fans are going crazy over several new shots found in this Japanese version.

Just in case you haven’t already skipped down to watch the video yet, here are some of the new shots you can expect to see:

Nixon celebrating his third term win on television, jet fighters flying over the Kremlin while Kruchev and Castro look on, Hollis Mason being attacked by knot-tops, a wide shot of the cemetery where Edward Blake is buried, The Comedian crying in Moloch’s apartment, and the aftermath of the JFK assassination with Edward Blake on the grassy knoll,

There are also several shots of Nixon and Kissinger in the “War Room” and even a close up of Veidt’s computer screen as Nite Owl types in “RAMESES” as his password guess.

There are a few more little tidbits, but I’ll let you watch it now and you can see if you can spot them. Domo Arigato, Japan.

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