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Mystery extra chronicles her evening return to the backlot and her part in a big Rorschach scene

If you didn’t catch her first installment back in November — where she gave the Comic Related website the details of her experiences as a background actor on the New York City backlot — you missed quite a tale of Owl Ships and red-headed homeless men.

Well “Cassandra Faust,” as she calls herself, was back on set recently — this time at night — and, oh what a tale she has to tell this time:

On the way by I noticed that the red Rumrunner sign was lit as usual only on this particular night it was flashing. Slowly. Rhythmically. Every time I’d seen the sign in the past I’d held out hope that I could be there when they needed that sign to be flashing.

Yes, that's right. I'm sure all you die-hard fans know where she’s going with this. She’s talking about Rorschach’s climactic leap through a second story apartment window. I won’t say much else about the scene so as not to spoil it for the uninitiated (why haven’t you read the graphic novel by now anyway?), but as all fans could guess, apparently it was quite a sight.

I could describe what was shot this night but to do so would be an injustice. I will say that if you are familiar with the novel, then you have a pretty good idea of what was filmed. As for the scene itself, it’s my opinion that Zack Snyder and crew have put together a magic cinematic moment which moviegoers will not soon forget. We filmed well into the night and through until morning and there were gasps from my fellow extras on every take and we were some distance away from the incredible action. The Rumrunner scene is going to knock your socks off.

I'll give you all a moment to shake the chills off. OK, ready? She goes on to discuss the costume which looks exactly as Gibbons drew it “right down to the white scarf and striped pants.” And his mask? Well she described that as “plain white with eyeholes and green reference dots so the undulating black blotches can be inserted via CGI.” Very cool.

She also mentions a small scene that was shot depicting one of the original masked heroes Mothman being hauled off to a mental institution, a scene that was not in the Watchmen graphic novel and one she speculates might just be for a DVD extra.

For a few more interesting details about this “Cassandra’s” visit to the Watchmen backlot, read the full article on the Comic Related Web site.

Source: Comic Related

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