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New Watchmen Movie Photos

Total Film has announced that their latest issue is featuring a “massive look” at the Watchmen movie.

The eight page feature includes interviews with everyone involved in the project, including director Zack Snyder, the cast, screenwriter David Hayter and even Terry Gilliam, who at one point was in the director's chair.

Along with this announcement they have posted several exclusive photos, many of which have been seen before, but a few of these images have never been seen before, including two extremely impressive Comedian photos.

Nite Owl and Silk Spectre I kising in the Owl Ship

Zack Snyder and Patrick Wilson deciding on Dan's glasses

The Comedian breaks down in Moloch's apartment

The Comedian at the ill-fated Crimebusters meeting

For a look at the rest of the photos and the magazine's cover, head on over to

1.8.08 Source: Total Film

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