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Behind Rorschach’s Mask

Back in the fall of 2007, the L.A. Times had a chance to speak to Jackie Earle Haley, best know for his childhood roles in The Bad News Bears and Breaking Away, about playing the nihilistic costumed hero Rorschach in the upcoming Watchmen movie.

This is one of those roles that stays with you a long time, for the actor and the audience… The one thing that's super difficult about this part is to find that place of release. Actors continually need to push away all inhibitions, and you need to reconcile your mind with where the character is. You need to find the moment and communicate. I have to do all of that with a sock over my head.

For anyone who feels that Haley may not have been the right choice to play Rorschach, do yourself a favor and go rent Little Children and you’ll see that Haley has certainly grown up and has the serious acting chops it takes to play the vigilante.

Rorschach pays his final respects to Edward Blake

And even though Haley had to figure out a way to get his emotions through the "sock" he had to wear on his head, it turns out that wearing Rorschach's costume really helped him get into the role.

You know, actually, there was something very empowering about the costume, about that mask and the way you feel when you wear it. At one point, we were filming a cemetery scene and I looked down and I saw my shadow — the coat, the hat, the mask — and I had this powerful jolt. 'That's Rorschach.' The costume is the challenge, but the costume is also the power.

From someone who has met and spoken to Haley on and off the Watchmen set, take it from me, when this film comes out, people will be talking about Haley the same way they were about Heath Ledger and his turn at the Joker in Dark Knight.

1.10.08 Source: Los Angeles Times

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