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First Watchmen TV Spot Airs

Many Watchmen fans were surprised this weekend when the saw the first Watchmen movie commercial on TV.

The commercial which was just a brief teaser contained the phrase “You’ve never seen superheroes like this” intercut with quick shots of the main cast. It ended with truncated Rorschach line, “The world will shout 'save us,' and I’ll whisper, 'no.'”

Fans spotted the commercial on ESPN during Sportscenter, on CBS during the Ravens-Titans game, and on Fox during both the Cardinals-Panthers game and Giants-Eagles game. It also played during the second hour of Sunday’s 24 premiere on Fox.

At the time of this articles posting, it’s not known on what other channels or programs the spot aired.

One scene in the spot that has not been seen before in any of the released footage showed Dr. Manhattan moments after he burns the hydrogen symbol onto his forehead with his finger. You can watch this new TV spot right below.

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