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Social Media Microsite Launches

To promote the theatrical release of Watchmen, Paramount Pictures International and PPC Interactive — part of The Picture Production Company — have created new ‘social media microsite.’

Launched today, will house a wealth of Watchmen-themed tools for fans to use on their profiles across the social web.

The social media microsite invites fans to use a variety of cool, creative and compelling customization tools.

Turning a profile picture into Rorschach or Dr. Manhattan or grabbing a themed skin or fan banner for your MySpace profile, blog or Twitter page are just some of ways fans can engage with the movie.

There will also be a wealth of iPhone content available in the coming weeks including wallpapers and applications.

Just last week, PPC Interactive launched a Watchmen movie viral microsite based on the right-wing newspaper portrayed in the comic and the upcoming movie called “The New Frontiersman.” That site is scheduled to be updated this week.

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