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The results are in for’s Blog Awards 2009 and I'm happy to report that this site has received the Reader Nomination Award for best fan site!

When one of this sites forum members posted the nominations, and saw that this site wasnt on the list, he helped rally the fans send emails to Total Film and get us the Reader Nomination Award.

Chris Hicks at made special mention of the fans overwhelming support of this site in the article announcing all of the winners.

Kudos should especially go to Watchmen Comic Movie. Its readers were so incensed at its neglection that they mounted a campaign to get it a Reader Nomination Award. If only the Oscars were this democratic.

All I can say is, thank you to all of the fans. I certainly appreciate the support and know that this site would be nowhere without all of you.

I guess I should also take a few minutes to thank everyone else who have made this site what it is:

First, I like to thank my wife, who has been very patient and supportive of all the extra time I take to work on this site when I could be with her or the kids.

Second, Id like to thank Warner Bros., Dave Gibbons, Zack Snyder and all of the other members of the cast and crew who have supported this site from the beginning.

Third, thanks to Curiosity Inc., as hes known on this sites forum, for all the help and support hes given over the past year and a half as a forum moderator and site volunteer.

And last, but not least thanks to everyone else including all of the other fans who more recently volunteered in helping me with the site; the folks at Titan Books and Paramount Pictures who have been very generous with their time and support of this site; and all of the other authors, artists and celebrities who have graciously given me interviews to share with the fans on this Web site.

Heres to another year of continued success. Cheers.

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