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A really great interview with Watchmen director Zack Snyder has popped up over on the Arts Beat blog on the New York Times Web site.

From the tone of the interview you can tell this guy is relaxed, and pretty damn confident he’s made one hell of a movie.

He commented on all of the big subjects you’d want to know about: the Fox lawsuit, Alan Moore, and yes, even the film’s ending, which has been altered a bit from the one in the graphic novel.

I think it keeps the movie on point a little more than it would if we had the squid, then I think we would have had to go explain and talk about. I like the squid in the graphic novel. Everyone thinks I hate the squid and I don’t get “Watchmen.” “Snyder’s crazy, he’s ruining it. He changed the ending” – which I did not, I will say. Like, if you really talk about, What is the end of “Watchmen”? It’s the exact same ending that there is in the book, there’s no two ways about it. I think for me, the squid just represents a 30-minute right turn that, in order for it to make any sense at all, you would have to take. What I was concerned with, if I took that 30-minute left turn to explain the squid, you’d be talking about taking 30 minutes of other stuff out of the movie. And right now, I’m on the edge with just how much Rorschach I have, and how much Nite Owl, and how much Dr. Manhattan, just as far as their character stuff. I wouldn’t want to lose a minute of that stuff.

It all makes perfect sense. I can’t see any fan wanting the deep layers of character development removed from a Watchmen movie, and from what we’ve seen so far, we know the film’s in good hands with Zack. However, until get to see how the new ending unfolds on screen, it’s going to be the on big unknown that will have us fans chewing our fingernails off.

Snyder was also asked if Warner Bros. had any plans to churn out a sequel if Watchmen ended up being a box office smash.

Listen, they own the rights. If they wanted to go and hire some guy to make them a sequel to “Watchmen,” I don’t know that they would get any of those actors to do it, and I know that I wouldn’t have anything to do with it. But they own it. They can do whatever they want. They can make a movie – I’ve spoiled it, I think, a little bit. Do you leave that film going, “Man, I wonder what the next chapter is?” [laughs]

Zack covered a lot of other interesting topics in the interview, including a hilarious diatribe about wanting to create a theme restaurant called Planet Rorschach populated by costumed vigilantes chanting “hurm,” but you can head over to the Times and read that for yourself. Hurm.

1.30.09 Source: New York Times

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