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Just a Few More Days

Watchmen movie production schedule is extended as a result of a couple of unfortunate, and fortunate circumstances

According to some very reliable sources, I've been told that the Watchmen production has added a few days to their shooting schedule.

The main reason being all of the unseasonably heavy snow that has been falling intermittently on Vancouver since December. The inclement weather wreaked havoc with shooting especially on the famed New York Backlot where many of the films exterior sets had been built.

Our source also added that the production is currently pulling in more extras and “cyber-scanning” some actors for use in some of the film’s visual effects shots. This “digitizing” of some of the extras may also be taking place to recreate some shots in post that could not be completed due to the troublesome snowfall.

Another one of our sources is also speculating that some of these extra days were added to the production schedule to leave some time to re-shoot a few scenes that may be slotted for re-writes if the WGA strike ends soon. That fact is semi-validated by the news that studio heads and the Writers Guild are close to formalizing a new three-year contract which may be finalized as soon as this weekend.

According to our most recent information, the production was originally scheduled to wrap principal photography in Vancouver some time around Valentine’s Day, and then pack up and take the whole show back to L. A. for a year of post production.


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