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NYC Comic-Con Wrap-Up

By now you have all probably heard about the eighteen minutes of footage and bonus Rorschach prison scene that was shown on February 7th, so let's move on to all of the other Watchmen related happening at the 2009 New York Comic-Con.

Watchmen promo items were scarce, but if fans knew where to look they could have picked up the reprint of the first issue of Watchmen at the DC Comics booth, and six Watchmen mini-posters of the movie banners at the giveaway table next to the IGN theater.

If you were one of the lucky ones, you might have even been handed on of WatchmenComicMovie's giveaway postcards, although less than 1,000 of those were brought to the Con.

The only Sunday Watchmen related event was a panel with Watchmen co-creator Dave Gibbons and Watchmen movie set photographer Clay Enos. The two discussed their experiences working on the film and showed images from their two books, Watching The Watchmen and Watchmen Portraits. A full transcription of that panel will be posted on this site soon.

Here are some Watchmen related images we took at during the weekend at the Con…

Gibbons and Enos

Dave Gibbons and Clay Enos at Sunday's Watchmen panel

Gibbons signs a book for a young fan

Gibbons signs a book for a young fan after Sundays panel.

Three Rorschachs

A triumvirate of Rorschachs

The Crimebusters

Most of The Crimebusters

C.C. Banana and a Dr. Manhattan Mask

C.C. Banana goes Watchmen this year and a Dr. Manhattan mask at the Rubies booth

Watchmen banners

Watchmen banners over the DC Comics booth

Watchmen busts

DC Direct shows off some Watchmen busts here…

Watchmen busts

…and here.

Watchmen figures

Several of the Watchmen figures and the Owlship prop replica.

Watchmen books

One of many prominent Watchmen merchandise displays at this year's Con

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