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More Watchmen TV Spots

Fans are getting to see more of the long-anticipated Watchmen movie, as two new TV spots have been released. Believe it or not, this film is being released in just under a month and these are the third and fourth TV spots released thus far.

What’s more interesting than the few new clips and angles of some of the characters is the glimpse we get of what will be replacing the infamous “squidly deadly” that appears in the climax of the original graphic novel.

It’s replacement? A giant blue ball of energy that will engulf New York City and cause a massive level of destruction that will have everone pointing their fingers at… well, I don’t want to spoil it for you. The following is a few select screen shots which show this “energy” blast, as well as two individuals who share the same name being evaporated in the middle of the street, followed by links to all four TV spot videos in high definition.

Energy blast in NYC

Energy blast in NYC

Energy blast in NYC

Energy blast in NYC

Here are the two new TV spots…

TV Spot #3 | TV Spot #4

And here are the first two TV spots in case you missed them…

TV Spot #1 | TV Spot #2

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