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Minutemen Arcade

Leave it to the folks at Paramount who came up with The New Frontiersman, I Watch the Watchmen, and The Watchmen Movie Countdown Widget to come up with the next big Watchmen movie promotional Web site — Minutemen Arcade.

Made to look like a mid-eighties side scrolling arcade game in the milieu of Double Dragon, the game allows you to play as either the original Nite Owl or Silk Spectre and take on Moloch and his gang.

There’s only three levels — two on a New York City street (Charlton Street for you die-hard graphic novel fans) and one on a subway platform.

You can kick, punch and jump — although there’s never any reason to jump since there are no combo moves in the game. Nevertheless it’s retro feel is dead on and the repetitive midi soundtrack captures the eighties vibe with perfection. Also, make sure you kick and punch the mailboxes, fire hydrants, lampposts and garbage cans for some bonus animations.

Keep your eyes open for some easter eggs like the billboard on the subway advertising Rolf Müller at the Park Circus (Hooded Justice’s secret identity) and a convenient ketchup dripping burger that's hitting a smiley badge in just the right place.

If you manage to beat the game — and unless you’re missing six or seven fingers you should be able to without a problem — you will earn the privilege to see the second movie trailer which was released months ago. Well, it’s more about the journey than the reward anyway, right?

Minutemen Arcade game

The Silk Spectre gets ready to beat down two thugs on Charlton Street.

Minutemen Arcade game

Four ruffians pound on Silk Spectre on a New York City subway platform.

Minutemen Arcade game

Nite Owl takes care of several hoods while avoiding the knives thrown by Moloch.

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