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The End Is Nigh

At the close of production, executive producer waxes poetic about his Watchmen experience

It’s finally coming to an end. The Watchmen production began shooting in September, and now the cast and crew are getting ready to wrap it all up.

The first official farewell was recently posted on the WB movie production blog in the form of a parting message from executive producer Herb Gains.

I think back to January 2007 when I first met Zack and he walked me through his drawings for the title sequence. I remember my initial reaction was, How can we shoot all of it? Why do we have to shoot all that? And if we do, how do we shoot all of it?

Gains continues his sentimental story talking about how even though they scouted locations all over the world, the entire film ended up being shot in Vancouver. He then moved on to praise the cast and crew…

The spirit behind the making of this film was nothing short of total pleasure and love. As I wandered from room to room at the wrap party, there was not only a sense of accomplishment from everyone involved but a feeling of sadness that it's coming to an end.

Thanks, Herb, that's very nice and all, but can we see some photos of Jackie Earle Haley as Walter Kovacs, or get a peek at the Karnak set? Oh, well. For more tidbits from Gains, read his complete post on the Watchmen movie Web site.


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