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As a thank you to the fans, Watchmen director Zack Snyder gives us a taste of the masked vigilante

Well, that’s a wrap. According to a blog entry of the official movie Web site, principal photography on the highly anticipated Watchmen movie has come to an end.

And just like executive producer Herb Gains before him, director Zack Snyder laid in on some kudos for his cast and crew…

It has been quite an experience and I could not have done it without the hard work and determination of each and every one of you. A film adaptation of Watchmen has been in the works for almost 20 years and thanks to you, it is finally in the can. It has been such a pleasure to be surrounded by a team that is so dedicated and that has given 110% each and every day.

He also took a moment to thank us — the fans…

While I'm in the process of thanking people, I figure it's a good time to say thanks to the Watchmen fans for all of their continued support. Since the crew got wrap gifts, I figured you deserved a little something as well.

That “little something” he mentioned was a very nice still frame from from the film depicting Rorschach hitting a SWAT guy in the face with an Aqua-Net flamethrower — which you can see right here. The frame is likely heavily Photoshopped to give it that “final cut” look, but this is the first time we have gotten a peek at what any piece of this movie will look like on screen — and it looks sweet. Thanks, Zack. I know the fans won’t be re-gifting this one.


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