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Matthew Goode Talks Ozymandias

Back in January 2008, we were lucky enough to visit the Watchmen movie set in Vancouver where we spoke to actor Matthew Goode.

The following is the complete interview that we had with Matthew that day.

What interested you most about your character?

Matthew Goode: Honestly, it was a bit strange because I was in the middle of doing Brideshead Revisited so I auditioned sitting on a toilet with one scene not even in the script. I didn’t know anything about Watchmen which is a bit sacrilegious really. I didn’t know anything about it and I got offered the job. So when I finally did read it I thought, what was really interesting was the fact that you kind of had to make up a lot to flesh the character out. You don’t really know much about him and I quite like the fact that he’s a mystery in many ways. That always gives you quite a lot to play with as an actor.

Do you think it was helpful that you didn’t know anything about it heading in? Because the audience…you’re going to have the purists who know every damn detail and then like with 300, you may have people who stepped into the world not knowing a thing about it.

MG: Absolutely. It always gives you more to play with. And I always find it quite tricky doing these kind of interviews but more the DVD stuff because I feel like you have to justify your choices a little bit too much. And I don’t like people knowing too much about the character. So it sort of stepped into my playground of fun.

Have they made any action figures of you for on the set?

MG: The very first day this one is standing looking like “its right here Ray.” it’s looking at me. It looks a lot better than I did. [laughs] It was kind of great.

Can you tell us about the audition scene?

MG: The audition scene was the one toward the end where I admitted I killed 15 million people at Karnak. All very odd. If you don’t know anything about it. “I killed 15 million people and yet I quite like him!” I saw two sides. Okay, I’m in. But yeah. We’re lucky we’ve got Zack. Very lucky.

But there is that idea of 15 million people go to save billions. It’s an interesting...

MG: It’s also interesting that he’s not your out an out bad guy. He’s not a villain, he’s not evil. He’s actually incredibly practical. And if you consider how many people would die if the cold war, if they launched the missiles it would have been a damn sight more. Although he seems morally retarded he’s actually right on. Someone had to save the world and if you had that chance you’d take it.

So you feel totally justified in your characters actions?

MG: I think… Yeah!



MG: Yeah! I really do.

That’s the actor’s thing. You’ve always got to find a way to justify…

MG: Justify anything you can!

You felt totally cool in costume?

MG: I felt like a dick the first day I put it on I was like, “Really? Come on! Come on!”

You saw the way it looked in the comic book, it could have been worse!

MG: It could have been a lot worse because I don’t have those legs. So I’m quite glad they bumped them up a bit because otherwise it would have been “He’s got spider legs!” But the blonde wig and stuff, it’s quite a look. He sort of ends up becoming the first metro-sexual human being ever back in the eighties. He’s really a very asexual man. So that’s good.

Now Adrian’s very fit, very athletic. So was there a lot of…

MG: Suspend your disbelief.

Did you have to do a lot of training, a lot of fight training, a lot of physical training to do the role?

MG: It was kind of strange; we were expecting to do more doubling with Richard Cetrone who is basically the king of combat stance and then we decided that because we don’t have a mask I’d actually be required to do a lot more that I had done. So nine days before we had the Christmas break I started training. I’m still a bit scared by it but it’s not too bad.

Obviously, it’s the first time you’ve done that then I guess?

MG: Yeah. There’s not a lot of Kung Fu involved in Brideshead. Or most period dramas. So I’m working quite hard. Which is nice.

What’s the difference between working with Zack and Woody Allen?

MG: Zack talks to you.

[Everyone laughs]

MG: But not much! Woody’s a bit more mellow, you know. Much more aware of his own mortality and he does one or two takes. Zack doesn’t do a huge amount more I suppose but he’s got the years on his side a bit more. He’s full of bees.

So what’s been the most grueling scene that you’ve done today?

MG: I haven’t really had anything terribly grueling. I’m probably in the movie the least. I work the least. Still been here for 6 months though, interestingly. “Gaines where are you!” And so yeah, there’s nothing been terribly grueling. I think Karnak’s going to knock the shit out of us though, because we’re in the suit the entire time. It’s quite hectic to have to keep it on for like 12 hours a day. And do a fight scene. And basically just sweating non stop. So I’ve got it all to come.

This is kind of like the Indie Movie or Sundance super hero movie because all the actors, you and Jackie Earle Haley and most of the cast, Patrick Wilson, they come from the Indie role sort of thing.

MG: Yes. Keeps the price of the movie down.

We were waiting for somebody to say that.

MG: It’s true! I’m cheap! Maybe not for long though. Yeah. I think that’s one of the things that really attracted me. I think I was one of the last to be cast after, I don’t know, number 5 big star dropped out. There were those kinds of actors involved who thought, “Okay. It’s not going to be Fantastic Four.” Which, let’s be honest, was a pile of turd. And I’m not even a kind of fan but I could tell that would have pissed off a lot of people who are. Cause that was just shit! You could quote me on that.

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