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Director’s Cut DVD In Theaters?

At 2 hours and 36 minutes Watchmen fans are panicking that the theatrical cut of the film is just too short to properly tell the story of the epic graphic novel.

This worry has been fueled by early unauthorized reviews of the film by those who have seen it and have made the same claims.

Hell, I’ve seen it, and although I feel the theatrical cut is a very good Watchmen adaptation, I get the feeling that if WB let Zack keep his original 3 hour and 10 minute cut, it would have been even better.

Well, it seems fans like myself may be getting what they want, albeit not on March 6. At an MTV Spoilers screening of the film, Snyder revealed that he has the director’s cut all ready to go — and we may see it considerably sooner than you thought.

“The director's cut is three hours and 10 minutes and comes out in July,” Snyder said, describing his original cut as “considerably more violent than this... and sexier.” And if Watchmen does well, the director’s cut will get a theatrical release in Los Angeles and New York.

If you’re wondering what has been cut out of the book (besides a certain squid), Snyder gave a few hints when he revealed the DVD plans. Watchmen hits DVD shelves this fall, and will include what Snyder dubs the “Crazy Ultimate Freaky Edition” that will work in those time-omitted extras like Tales of the Black Freighter, Hollis Mason’s death, more Manhattan moments on Mars and dialogue-heavy scenes with the newsstand-bonding Bernies.

Zack Snyder spoke about his director's cut and the story behind trimming its running time down to 2:36 in a recent video interview with CHUD’s own Devin Faraci. You can check out that video interview below.

02.20.2009 Source: Cinematical, CHUD

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