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Watchmen’s UK Premiere

The world premiere of Watchmen was today at the Odeon Leicester Square Theater in London, England.

The cast and crew arrived, dressed to the nines, and walked down the yellow carpet in front of the press and paparazzi. That’s right — yellow carpet — in honor of Watchmen’s signature color, of course.

The following are some select photos of the cast and crew at the UK event.

The US premiere of the Watchmen movie will be in Los Angeles on March 2nd. Got your tickets yet?

The cast and crew of Watchmen at the UK premiere

Malin Akerman at the UK premiere

Carla Gugino at the UK premiere

Billy Crudup at the UK premiere

Jackie Earle Haley at the UK premiere

Patrick Wilson at the UK premiere

Jeffrey Dean Morgan at the UK premiere

Matthew Goode at the UK premiere

Zack and Deborah Snyder at the n atUK premiere

Odeon Leicester Square Theater in London, England

2.23.09 Source: Pop Culture Zoo

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