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6 Minutes to Midnight

Visit and enter your name to experience a 10-minute long interactive trailer for Watchmen. You will enter the world of Watchmen, interact with one of the characters, and unlock exclusive content from the film.

The interactive experience is narrated by Rorschach (unfortunately, not Jackie Earle Haley, but a competent sound-alike) who takes you through an interactive inkblot game.

Solving Rorschach's puzzles by telling him what you see in their constant morphing shapes unlocks a video of each of the main characters in the film.

In the end, if you guess all of the inkblots correctly before time runs out, you're taken to the “winner” screen where you can download an exclusive image and video of each of the main characters.

Don’t expect any new big revelations by way of new footage and images, but, regardless, it's a pretty fun experience.

6 Minutes to Midnight Viral Site

6 Minutes to Midnight Viral Site

3.2.09 Source: WatchmenComicMovie.

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