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To celebrate the Paramount Pictures UK release of the hugely anticipated and revered Watchmen, at exactly 8pm GMT, London’s River Thames will give birth to a Watchmen spectacle that is beyond the thinkable.

Dr. Manhattan, the blue skinned, super-powered being beloved of all Watchmen fans, will rise above the murky depths of the Thames to a height of over 70 feet and tower over all those who dare to attend.

This dramatic, one-off spectacle will be created using the world’s biggest water screen projector. The water screen, moored especially for this occasion in the middle of the Thames between the London Eye and The Shell Building, will create an enormous vertical screen of water that will extend to 72 feet in height and 100 feet across.

Specially created, never to be seen again Watchmen footage, will be projected onto the screen to showcase Dr Manhattan’s translucent and shimmering form in dramatic and gigantic effect – this really will be an excellent and exciting medium to see Dr. Manhattan in all his super human glory; and to watch him hover over the city in true Watchmen style!

Below is an artist's rendering showing how this event will appear to onlookers on the bank of the Thames.

Dr. Manhattan rises from the Thames River in London

3.4.09 Source: WatchmenComicMovie.

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