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A Watchmen Weekend - Part I

Vancouver fan has a Saturday night he will never forget at an 80’s party for the Watchmen cast and crew

The following account is part I from “Happy Harry,” a Watchmen fan who shared his story exclusively with Part II will be posted later this week…

Partying With Watchmen

I didn’t see it coming at all. Before going to bed one night in December, I logged into a “popular social networking site” online to check messages. “Hi, you don’t know me, but I was pointed in your direction by a common friend who said you’ve got a lot of 80’s music, and we’re looking for a DJ for our 80’s party coming up. I looked at your profile and saw Watchmen listed as one of your favorite books. Well guess what? We’re organizing a party for the film crew for when we return from holiday break!”

I thought it was a prank. This would be the perfect gig! The 80’s theme is a great idea, and maybe I’ll get to meet some of the people turning one of my favorite stories into a motion picture! Mind you, I also knew someone else on the crew, so it had crossed my mind that he may be behind this somehow. He’d been working closely with one of the principal cast, and while he’s tight-lipped about the film, he’s familiar with the graphic novel and often says how impressed he is by the faithfulness of this project and the chemistry between cast and crew. It’s nothing we haven’t heard already from the likes of Zack Snyder or Dave Gibbons, but to hear it first-hand is very reassuring! Well, it actually turned out to be just a fluke that the party organizer found me, but pretty soon my Watchmen friend is onboard with the party too, helping me lug all my gear and get set up.

I recruit my friend Glyn to DJ with me, who brings his homemade DEVO hat along with his crate of 80’s LP’s and 45’s.  My attempt at putting together an authentic 80’s outfit and hairdo fails, so I opt for my faded old Watchmen group portrait t-shirt and rusted smiley face pin.

You should have seen the party goers — lots of 80’s wear, crazy hairdos, make-up, and sunglasses. There were some great costumes too including Marty and Doc from Back to the Future and Indiana Jones. They even hired go go dancers as well as Mick Jagger and Tina Turner celebrity impersonators to entertain all of the guests.

I get introduced to Billy Crudup and Matthew Goode as they arrive and visit the booth. Malin Akerman arrives, totally into the 80’s theme, dressed like a “Valley Girl,” and smiling from ear to ear.  I also spot Jackie Earle Haley, who I get introduced to later, overlooking the room and standing beside an Axl Rose look-alike.

On one of my trips to the bar, I bump into Zack Snyder, and without hesitation, reach my hand out and say, “HEY, I know who YOU are!.” We exchange some pleasantries, and he introduces me to Martin — his first assistant director. Zack points to my faded Watchmen shirt and says to Martin, “See THAT? That’s the real THING right THERE!” Martin asks where I found the shirt and I explain that I’ve had it since I was fifteen. If there was ever an occasion I was glad to be wearing that shirt, I think this was it!

Later into the evening Matthew Goode visits my DJ booth with a request, but it was something we already played before he arrived. I invite him to look through my record box, and as he pulls out The Cult’s “She Sells Sanctuary” we pose for a quick photo.

I’m in total geek overload as the party gets crazier, and the night zips by. It’s almost 2am and the lounge is going to have to close down soon. Someone asks me if I’d like to join in on a “little something” happening on the New York City backlot set the next morning… if I’m not too tired to get up around 7am.

Tired? Yes. TOO tired? Absolutely not!


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