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Watchmen Second Run Confirmed

Watchmen has had quite the wild ride so far and it's hard to make out what the real story is behind reactions to the film.

As I click around the Internet, I stumble across article that definitively state the film was a box office flop, but then when I go look at the numbers, I see that it has made over $100 million domestically and over $170 million worldwide.

Now compared with its estimated production budget being $150 million, I can see how those numbers wouldn't be cause to throw a party, but I certainly wouldnt call that a flop.

But with critics, fans and general audiences digging their heels in on opinions of the film that range from “turd” to “epic masterpiece” it may take a little bit of hindsight to see if Watchmen can live up to Zack Snyder's visionary status and become the Blade Runner of a new generation.

So, with all of this controversy and propaganda abound, why would Warner Bros. be planning a summer re-release of Watchmen? You heard that right. According to a reporter at the motion picture industry convention ShoWest, Zack Snyder has confirmed that his 3 hour and 10 minute extended director’s cut will not only be released on DVD, but also make its way to theaters!

As previously announced, the director's cut will add in some material from the graphic novel that Snyder hated cutting but had to. Among the material is a bit more with the original Nite Owl, Hollis Mason, specifically the character's death, which adds some weight to the story that was lacking in the current cut. Snyder also told fans to expect a lot more Rorschach and some extended scenes on Mars with Dr. Manhattan.

The plan is to release the director’s cut of Watchmen into Los Angeles and New York theaters in July. How wide that release will be isn't yet known, but due to some reports that Warner Bros. was a bit under-whelmed with the films box office numbers, Id assume we're looking at select theaters.

So why would Warner Bros. give audiences a second look at Watchmen when the word of mouth for the film was so mixed? My guess is they understand that early weeks of the films release had box office numbers primarily driven by fans who saw the film up to three times and that a limited release of the director's cut, which most fans are foaming at the mouth to see, would make pretty good bank. And with a film that has under-performed a bit, WB decided to hedge their bets.

4.4.09 Source: Cinema Blend

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