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Official video journal chronicles the design department’s dedication to bringing the world of Watchmen to life

Ever since the costume photos have been released there has been concern for some fans as to how the Watchmen movie will end up looking on screen.

Now, either by coincidence or careful plan, Warner Bros. has released an official video journal showing how Zack Snyder and crew have made a film that is “build heavy,” which is film industry jargon for lots of actual sets and very little CGI.

The journal entry was released exclusively to and included an introduction written by director Zack Snyder.

Here it is, the first of 12 video blogs that we will be releasing during the next year to give you an inside look at the making of Watchmen. We'll launch one every month on the 6th, so keep an eye out for them as they will be premiering on various sites throughout the year.

The video showed some incredible interior shots of Edward Blake’s, Dr. Manhattan’s and Hollis Mason’s apartments as well as the Rockefeller Military Research Center and some new views of the famed New York City backlot.

And be sure to check out’s in-depth photographic analysis of all of the important frames of this video journal in our video still frame gallery.

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