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A Watchmen Confession

Kimi Webber was the script supervisor for 300, The Spiderwick Chronicles, and most recently Watchmen. The following statement was given to us as an exclusive and is in Kimi’s own words…

Natural leadership skills, like natural talent, are an intangible combination of caring, experience and human nature. The thing about Shackletons and Snyders is that they don’t come along that often. But when they do, members of their expeditions, amidst laughter and good times (aka; paintball wars, touch football, obscure pop culture Google and YouTube searches and endless bouts of immature and irreverent humour which more often than naught fall on the dark side of good taste), strangely find themselves exceeding their own expectations of personal performance and dedication to craft.

Many a technician will confess to having moments of struggling with why they sacrifice countless hours of personal life and precious family time to a process generally perceived as, “…whatever, it’s just a movie.” It’s a common perception to believe that making movies, in the great scheme of the world, is not very important.

I feel that I can state with a large degree of certainty that close to 100% of the cast and crew feel differently about having been part of “Watchmen.” I attribute this fact firstly to the tremendous original source material which intimately and intelligently explores human nature in a way that remains consistent despite the two decades passed since its original publication.

Add to this the creative voices of countless actors, artists, composers, choreographers, designers and technicians on every level, all reflecting their own human-ness inspired by the material and intrepidly led by a director clear in his own heart of how the material touches him. Inevitably what you have is not “just a movie,” not “…a mortgage payment,” but a collective representation of who we all are as people. As humans.

These collective efforts and expressions of hundreds amass into a kaleidoscope of moments, which I feel strongly will resonate inside all who watch it and who may have ever felt the same.

Personally… I don't think it gets more important than that. And I for one, am deeply gratified to have participated in the adventure.

- Kimi Webber
Script Supervisor

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