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Watchmen Extra Revelations

We’ve reported on blabbermouth extra “Cassandra Faust’s” insider Watchmen movie reports before, but this one is a real doozy.

Apparently, “Faust” in her travels as an extra has met and spoken with a few folks who have worked on the film and they have told her quite a bit… allegedly.

And because I know all you die-hard fans will just skim to the end to read this first I’ll just start off by saying: Yes, according to “Faust,” the squid” is in.

She also states that she’s been told the supplemental material at the end of the individual issues of the comic series will be included in the film in the form of newsreel-style reports and even describes a scene between president Richard Nixon and Henry Kissinger.

In discussing Rorschach she explains that we’ll see his “tragic childhood” brought to life including scenes with his mother, the bullies and in the garment factory, plus she details some elements of the confrontation with Big Figure inside the prison. She also dishes that the last scene Rorschach and Dr. Manhattan share will play out exactly as it does in the comic.

She even confirmed two new casting choices including Danny Woodburn as Big Figure and Zack Snyder’s son Eli as the young Walter Kovacs. No big surprises there as Woodburn’s part has been rumored and on the Watchmen IMDB page for months, and most fans assumed Snyder's son would get cast as “little” Rorschach since he appeared in dad’s last film 300.

As far as the Antarctic climax and the film’s ending, she had lots to tell. All of the important details aligned well with what happens in the original comic series but with some “Snyder spin” that doesn’t really mess with the core of the story. And even though, as I said earlier, she claims that the “squid” is in, she does not discuss the fate of Adrian Veidt. Hurm.

So, there you have it. If it’s all true I’m guessing most Watchmen fans will be breathing a sigh of relief for the most part. All I can say is from what she has told us in the past, some of it has definitively been confirmed and none of it so far has been proven wrong.

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