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Like Dr. Manhattan dropping an old photo into the Martian sand, film adaptation director Zack Snyder has just dropped two photos from the Watchmen set right into fan’s laps… and we might have easily missed them.

The photos surfaced at the end of March in an editorial on that talked about the retro camera equipment Zack Snyder uses on the set of his films to take impromptu Polaroids.

“I look at a photograph as something like a sand castle,” Snyder explains in the article. “I like that it’s a one-off.”

The snapshots are not revelatory or spoiler ridden, but they’re cool none the less. One of the photos shows a group of “spectators” from what appears to be a scene that takes place in the 40’s — no biggie.

But, the second photo shows a fantastic angle of Rorschach, played by Jackie Earle Haley, in a pose that is eerily reminiscent of panels from the graphic novel.

Snyder has also shot stills on the set of 300, a handful of which were reproduced from the original positive Polaroids and can be seen in the gallery accompanying the article. Ironically, it’s when he’s shooting on set that Snyder is most aware of the differences between photography and film. “A movie is moments that are strung together, whereas the camera allows me to take a moment on its own terms,” Snyder explains in the article. “It doesn’'t have to relate to anything else.”

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