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DC Direct will unveil four Watchmen movie tie-in action figure prototypes at New York Comic-Con on Friday, April 18, two of which can be seen in photos that were released exclusively to EW today: Rorschach and Nite Owl.

One thing the release of these photos might do is quell some of the negative reactions to the appearance of Nite Owl’s costume in the recently released production photos.

Many fans were concerned that the gray and black coloring — apparent in the now obviously desaturated production photo — made the character look too much like Batman. The mocha brown hues of the actual costume, revealed in this action figure snapshot, may have some of these critical fans reevaluating their opinions.

At the time of this article’s posting, it is not known what other two characters will be unveiled at New York Comic-Con this Friday. It’s this fan’s guess that the other two figures to be shown at the Con will be either The Comedian, Silk Spectre or Ozymandias — the last of which came under the same color scrutiny as Nite Owl. I doubt WB would choose an action figure prototype to be our first look at Dr. Manhattan.

The action figures are slotted to hit the stores in Januarry of 2009, just prior to the film’s release in March, and will cost around $14.99 each.

For all of you history buffs, this isn’t the first time DC Direct announced Watchmen action figures. The first time was back in 2001 when the company planned to release three Watchmen figures to celebrate the 15th anniversary of the comic series’ release. The prototypes were shown off at summer toy and comic conventions that year, but due to a merchandising dispute with creators Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons they were never produced.

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