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Two More Action Figures

DC Direct’s Watchmen display case at New York Comic-Con featured two more of the four recently announced Watchmen movie tie-in action figure prototypes: Silk Spectre and Ozymandias.

At first glance, Ozy’s costume does appear to be very dark, a problem for some fans, but the gold and purple accents are more apparent in the figure than they were on the previously released costume photos.

Also, the Silk Spectre figure really looks a lot like actress Malin Akerman who will be donning the yellow latex in the upcoming film adaptation next March.

Another discovery made at the Con is that the previously seen Rorschach figure has two clear plastic clip on face plates that change the pattern on his mask.

According to Steve, the reporter responsible for all of the great photos associated with this story, the fan reaction around the display at the Con was all very positive with most passersby commenting on how great the figures looked. Many viewers also stated that they would be also be picking up the trade paperback for either a repeated or a first time read.

Fan reaction to the figures across the Internet has been mostly positive with some voicing minor criticisms to the glove color and some details of the Rorschach figure’s raincoat which are misaligned to the character’s appearance in the comic series.

However, the Nite Owl figure has given some of these die-hard fans new hope showing the truer brown color scheme of the costume and better views of the character’s cowl, which some feared looked too much like Batman when the costume photos were released in March.

The four 6" action figures are slotted to hit the stores in January of 2009, just prior to the film’s release in March, and will cost around $14.99 each.

Two other Rorschach toys were also debuted including an 13" doll complete with cloth coat and grappling gun and a PVC mini bust of the vigilante with the symmetrical "rr" signature emblazoned at the base.

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