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Dave Gibbons at UK Comics Event

The legendary Dave Gibbons, illustrator and co-creator of the groundbreaking comic series Watchmen made an appearance at this year’s big UK comic event — the Bristol Comics Expo.

During the appropriately titled Dave Gibbons Spotlight panel, the illustrator talked about his career and spent a lot of time discussing the upcoming Watchmen movie.

When Gibbons was asked whether the film could do justice to the heavy background material inside the comic, he claimed that the film, if anything, “exceeds the level of detail in the comics” and said that he would be “very surprised” if the film is anything other than fantastic.

When asked about the latest round of proposed movie tie-in action figures, a subject Gibbons seemed a little irked about, he explained that the merchandising license wasn’t going to be popping up everywhere, and promised there will be “no Rorschach Lunchbox.”

Gibbons also gave fans more insight into the recently announced “Watching the Watchmen” hardcover retrospective from Titan books, saying that it would be a “nice complement to the movie” and would be entirely about the graphic novel. He explained that it would include unused and unfinished pages, script samples, and an early design of the blood-splattered smiley face.

Gibbons acknowledged that the hype surrounding the upcoming film would help sell his book, but promised that “Watching the Watchmen” would be entirely about the comic. In fact, he hopes the book will spotlight Alan Moore’s role in the creation of the original comic series to moviegoers who may not be familiar with the writer due to the fact that he has officially divorced himself from being associated with the film in any way.

5.12.08 Source: Comic Book Resources

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