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Watchmen DVD Details Revealed

News just broke this week on when fans can expect the Watchmen DVDs to hit stores, and on the heels of that announcement some more details about the Blu-ray Director's Cut release popped up… but the fans are eager and they still want to know more.

Knowing how you fans have counted on me to provide you with the latest Watchmen news, I didn't want to let you down now, even though lately there hasn't been much happening in the Watchmen world.

So I reached out to Eric Matthies of E.M.P. who is in charge of producing and compiling all of the extra features on the various Watchmen DVD releases and he shed some more light on what we can all expect to see on those discs this coming July. Here's a rundown…

“Watchmen: Focus Points” will be, as Matthies describes, a “2.0” version of the production journals that were released in the months leading up to the film’s release. Most of the content will be the same, however they will be re-edited to contain elements that if were included when these journals were originally released, would have shown too much, too soon.

“The Phenomenon: The Comic that Changed Comics” will be an in-depth look at the Watchmen comic series and will have several interviews with some of the staff at DC Comics as well as some others.

We interviewed Lev Grossman from Time [Magazine] for a couple of the pieces on the DVD and he's great — the guy who put the book on the Top 100 list, really knowledgeable and well spoken.

Watchmen Movie Blu-ray

“Real Super Heroes, Real Vigilantes” was an idea that started back when we were in Vancouver, out of a conversation about the fact that there really are folks who dress in costume and go out to fight crime. Growing public interest in this topic is apparent in recent CNN and Rolling Stone stories about these people. We took it a bit further and interviewed experts in law enforcement and psychology to explore the history of vigilantism and it's ramifications. It was an important piece to Debbie Snyder and I think we did it justice — er, no pun intended.

Another BD-Live exclusive will be entitled “Mechanics: Technologies of a Fantastic World” featuring University of Minnesota physics professor James Kakalios. Kakalios was invited to the set in Vancouver during production as a consultant to help the effects team get Dr. Manhattan, as well as other scientific points of Watchmen, “right.”

…working with Professor K [James Kakalios] was a blast — it's always fun to try to find new ways of explaining Quantum Theory.

I contatced Jim Kakalios to ask him how he felt about being the star of one of the features on the Watchmen Blu-ray and he told me…

…it is still too weird to be true. It's as if they took a mild mannered physics professor, removed his intrinsic field, and now I have this new life (The neighbors are constantly after me to put on some pants!). So far no quantum powers, and the tachyons keep messing with my views of the future, but it has been and continues to be a wild and fun ride. For a dark, nihilistic novel, Watchmen sure has been a great vehicle for allowing me to share my love of physics!

But one of the more exciting and revolutionary features Matthies has worked on is “Maximum Movie Mode” which has been underreported as a simple split-screen director's commentary. Matthies explains that we should expect much, much more…

…we worked on the Maximum Movie Mode with the amazing team at One-K studios. MMM (which isn't what it was called during production, so I can't confirm that is the real name of this feature) is actually much more robust than just a 'split screen', it digs into the film, starts, stops, zooms, highlights, breaks away to detailed sidebar videos, includes stills, and bts clips — all with Zack as your guide — it's pretty freakin' cool and it will be the type of feature you'll see continuing to develop on other titles — awesome that Watchmen gets to be the first!

According to Matthies, the fans have Watchmen producers and director Zack Snyder to thank for all of these new features…

The Maximum Movie Mode, BD-Live and other BluRay related features have been interesting to work on and develop. It really couldn't happen without a lot of collaboration between different companies and the studio. Foremost in our ability to bring a bunch of cool features to the fans are Zack [Snyder], [and Watchmen producers] Debbie [Snyder] and Wes [Coller]. They really understand how new technologies can be harnessed to make 'extra content' mean something, and they are instrumental in making sure that we can all push things as far as we can. Of course I always wish we could push more, but I think we ended up with a fairly robust set of extras for this film.

But as much as fans can appreciate this wide variety of side dishes, their real excitement is coming from the main course that is the Director's Cut. A cut that will be three hours and ten minutes long and contain a score of extended and deleted scenes that didn't make it onto the theatrical cut which was pared down to fit on IMAX projectors. But Director's Cut aside, does Matthies have any news on the rumored Ultimate Edition DVD which will have the Tales of the Black Freighter spliced into the narrative?

Will there be an Ultimate Edition? That's not for me to say, or even know at this point.

Matthies also produced the the “Under the Hood” mock-umentary that appeared on the Tales of the Black Freighter DVD release that came out back in March. In case you missed it, be sure to check out this exclusive interview we had with Matthies back when it came out.

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