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Battle of the Leaking Extras

With the WB embargo still on, there’s not much a fan site editor can do. I can’t even tell you if I visited the set let alone tell you what I saw if I did.

So thank the maker for those pesky extras who just keep dishing whatever dirt they still have – two of which will go head to head today to try and give you the best scoop.

Extra #1 is an old standby. She calls herself “Cassandra Faust” and has been steadily leaking for months over at This week, she gives us a map of the NYC backlot complete with photos.

Extra #2 is’s “Mr. Ex” who gave a great account of his experiences on set back in January 2007. After seeing the shot of the two Bernies in the latest official video journal, this extra decided he would explain to me in detail what was happening that day on set during that shoot.

According to “Mr. Ex,” yes, that shot from the latest video is from the ending of the film. He ran down the sequence of events for me in great detail…

Young Bernard has just shoved the finished Black Freighter comic at the old Bernard and is storming off in disgust because of the ending. Old Bernard asks him his name, you know the rest. But when the kid is replying: “So what, lots of folks named Bernard…” he trails off noticing an electrical disturbance in the sky. In the shot on the video journal, you see him walking left to right, his eyes on the sky. He’s just noticed the disturbance. Old Bernard does a confused reaction shot then looks as well. You’ll see that Old Bernard is clutching the comic to his chest.

I asked him if he could be more specific then “electrical disturbance” and then he told me that as far as how they were coached, the Bernie’s…

…(along with us extras) were directed to react to a red dot on a giant green screen. We were told the dot was the beginning of an energy discharge. And we know what that means… Whether or not it is the squid we were not told.

Damn. We just can’t get confirmation on that elusive squid. The buzz from some of the insiders is that there was no squid in the shooting script, but that doesn’t say much. We’ve seen lots of things in those video journals that supposedly weren’t in the shooting script either. Heck, they could always decide in post what the big threat is and CGI the whole thing in later.

Two more small tidbits from “Mr. Ex” before I wrap this up. First, he tells that the Dr. Manhattan “Watchmaker flashback” was definitely shot. It had been assumed by many that this scene would not be filmed since it was reported that Dr. Manhattan gives much of his back story in a Ted Koppel TV interview that Joel, another extra, reported on this site last February.

Second, he tells us that the infamous Walter Kovacs line, “Give me back my face!” was shot three ways. The first way was shot “word for word from the comic,” the other two ways were variations. He’s not sure which one will make it onto the screen.

So who won? Who had the best scoop? Well, since the photos that accompanied “Faust’s” map were recent, uninteresting ones of the decomposing backlot; add to the fact that we knew about all of those buildings from past photos and the recent set video journal, I’m going to declare our own “Mr. Ex” the winner — but, I’m biased.

Speaking of the semi-destroyed backlot, I’ll let you go with one more insider tidbit. Rumor has it that the old Watchmen backlot is still standing because it is going to be re-used this year for the Roland Emmerich disaster movie 2012. Interesting.

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