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With so many fans chomping at the bit for their first look at Dr. Manhattan — be careful what you wish for.

Seems DC Direct is giving us a first look at the character — albeit not a complete one — in photos of the 13" Dr. Manhattan “1:6 Scale Deluxe Collector Figure” to be released in January, 2009.

In photos recently released on the DC Direct Web site, we get to see the outline of the blue guy but no detail, except for the cloth suit that comes included.

Now to be honest, what are they covering up — Billy Crudup’s likeness? Big deal. It’s not like DC is going to tack on the often talked about “big blue junk” on the old boy — so what’s the big secret?

Perhaps Zack Snyder and company have altered the look of the good doctor’s character for the film, so that certain aspects of the character need to be hidden on the figure prototype. Before I start an uproar, I should also point out that it could be that the design of the CG Doc hasn’t been finalized by the artists in the effects department yet. Either way, you’ll have to wait until they unveil the figure at this year’s San Diego Comic Con to find out “the big secret.” Ooooh.

Aside from “official” photos of all of the other figures and busts unveiled at the New York Comic Con this past month, the only other new item planned for release is an Ozymandias bust complete with the Veidt corporate logo on the base.

So, are you pissed off that there’s been no Comedian figure announced yet? Don’t fret — the DC Direct Web site states that the four action figures announced so far are part of the first of two assortments totaling eight figures.

For a walk down memory lane, visit the action figures and toys page of this Web site and take a look at some unreleased DC Direct figures from the past plus some real nifty fan made numbers as well.

5.21.08 Source: DC Comics

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