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Meet Watchmen’s Photographer

If you’re a fan of the Watchmen movie and live in the San Francisco area, do yourself a favor and head on over to the Apple Store to meet Watchmen set photographer Clay Enos.

Clay will be treating fans to a special slideshow of portraits from his book, Watchmen: Portraits, and other behind-the-scenes photography from the film , Thursday May 21 at 6:30 p.m.

We reached out to Clay to ask him what fans can look forward to at this presentation.

I'll be sharing my experiences behind the scenes on the set of Watchmen. With a camera in hand at all times, it was both a new and profoundly exhausting experience while simultaneously hugely satisfying. With three books published using my images including one devoted entirely to my Portraits, clearly I was gifted one heck of a film to lose my set photography virginity.

I really enjoy sharing my photographs and taking questions from Watchmen fans as well as average photography enthusiasts. It's all about inspiration.

Clay Enos at the Apple Store

Aside from being the set photographer for the film, Enos made news recently when Massimo Zanetti Beverage company filed a lawsuit against Clay’s Organic Coffee Cartel for trademark infringement associated with a Watchmen movie tie-in coffee product called Nite Owl Dark Roast.

Not only was Clay responsible for every publicity photo taken for the Watchmen movie, he was also behind all of the prop photos seen throughout the film — and he even had a cameo! For more information on Clay's Watchmen experience, check out our exclusive interview with the photographer from January.

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