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Minutemen Revealed

Zack Snyder decided that Memorial Day was a good day to release an official photo of the Watchmen worlds original masked heroes, The Minutemen to the world, and AICN got the honor of the first posting.

The image is of a prop photo used in the film which shows all of the original Minutemen at their first photo shoot in 1940 — a scene that is shown in flashback in the graphic novel, and to some extent, likely in the film as well.

The photo shows (from left to right) Silhouette, Mothman, Dollar Bill, the original Nite Owl, Captain Metropolis, the Original Silk Spectre, Hooded Justice, and The Comedian kneeling down in front.

What will likely excite fans is that for the first time, confirmation that Captain Metropolis and Hooded Justice will be included — at least in some form — in Zack Snyder’s adaptation.

So, what’s the big deal about Captain Metropolis and Hooded Justice? Well, first, they’re the only two male gay heroes in the Watchmen universe, and second, the two Flashback scenes they appear in — the Silk Spectre rape scene and the failed Crimebusters meeting — are scenes that most fans feel require their inclusion in order for those scenes to be faithful to the source material.

Not to burst any bubbles here, but just because these two guys appear in this photo, doesn’t mean they will be utilized the way the fans hope they are on those two important scenes. It could just be that Zack had actors suit up as those heroes not for any real screen time, but for their inclusion in the “Under the Hood” documentary, which we now now will be released on DVD shortly after the movie’s release.

Either way, it’s cool to see these guys in black and white, and I certainly hope they make their way onto the big screen in March.

5.27.08 Source: AICN

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