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Eat This, Captain America!

In honor of their 200th issue, Wizard magazine staffers have compiled a list of their “200 Greatest Comic Book Characters of All Time.”

Now, any two bit comics fan would likely pick two or three Watchmen characters that deserve to make the top 200, but these rankings — and one omission — is certain to shake up the fan base.

First off, Ozymandias came in at #29, edging out The Flash who ranked just behind the golden boy at #30. Wow, #29? Now, I appreciate Ozy as much as the next Watchmen fan, but not only did he beat The Flash, he beat out Captain Marvel, Darkseid, Silver Surfer and countless other comic book staples.

The Wizard staff explained that Ozymandias is, “a man who relates his slaughter of two million people with the cadence of someone ordering an appetizer. His steady pulse is what gets ours racing.”

Next we have Rorschach (no surprise there), who — and hold on to your purple fedoras — came in at #6. No shit! #6! Rorschach beat out classic comic characters like Captain America (#7), The Thing (#11), Wonder Woman (#15), and The Hulk (#19).

Wizard stated that Rorschach, “stands as one of the most compelling and frightening characters in comics’ history,” and that he “changed the way fans defined what a hero truly was.” In fact, the only characters that beat out the vigilante were The Joker (#5), Superman (#4), Spider-Man (#3), Batman (#2), and Wolverine (#1). Hurm.

Now on to Dr. Manhattan, who… didn’t make the list? Yup — I guess the blue guy’s not good enough for the gang over at Wizard. All I’m saying is, if Rorschach and Ozy are in the top 30, then surely the Doc deserves to be in there somewhere? Oh, well.

On a related note, Wizard has also published “The Ten Greatest, Most Groundbreaking Creative Collaborations in Wizard’s History.” I was about to smash my monitor with my “Minas Tirith Exclusive DVD Collectable” until I found out that Wizard’s first issue wasn’t until 1991 - which is why Moore and Gibbons with Watchmen didn’t make the list.

To see all of the entries on Wizard’s lists, point your mouse to

5.28.08 Source: Wizard Universe

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