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Well, it’s that time of the month again — time for another video journal installment from Zack Snyder and company. Here’s what Zack had to tell CHUD, who got the exclusive this time around...

It's the 6th again. We've spent the last few blogs examining the details of making Watchmen. So, this month I thought it might be fun to take a break from all that and just set someone on fire.

- Zack

Fun for you Zack, but I guessing the fans — and myself — will likely be a little let down, since aside from seeing a guy get set on fire there was absolutely nothing interesting revealed about the upcoming film.

No disrespect to Damon Caro, Watchmen’s stunt coordinater, or Douglas Chapman, the guy who gets torched, but after seeing all the jaw dropping set pieces and costumes in the previous two videos, this is a pretty big letdown. Shit, even Zack said for this video they were taking “a break.” A break from what — showing more interesting and revealing stuff?

Don’t get me wrong — the stunt is impressive. However, 9 out of 10 Hollywood movies have a guy getting lit on fire these days, but how often do you get to see Carla Gugino in yellow spandex or the inside of Adrian Veidt’s Antarctic retreat? I think you get my point.

I mean, if you want to show us a stunt, how about The Comedian’s fall from the window, or Rorschach’s jump from Moloch’s second story apartment window. I guess they didn’t want to reveal that much yet.

To be honest, AICN’s recent Minutemen photo is a bigger scoop than this video — at least in my opinion — and I have to wonder if CHUD’s not a little annoyed they didn’t get a more high-powered clip. Heck, maybe it was Devin’s punishment for constantly mentioning his Watchmen set visit when he wasn’t supposed to.

Well, don’t expect any video frame analysis this month because, as I said, there’s nothing to analyze. Let’s look on the bright side — maybe next month’s video will be super charged and overflowing with “geeky” goodness. I’ll keep my fingers crossed.

6.6.08 Source: CHUD

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