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MPC to “Reveal” Watchmen

If you’re heading to New Orleans this year to take in SIGGRAPH2009, then you should definitely check out MPC Vancouver’s presentation on Wednesday night entitled “Watchmen Revealed.”

According to a press release on MPC’s website, Ben Cole, Landon Bootsma, Tim Mulvihill and Harry Mukhopadhyay will explore how the MPC Vancouver team brought Watchmen to life on film.

The event, organized by SIGGRAPH, takes place on Wednesday June 17, 7:30 PM at the Vancity Theatre at 1181 Seymour Street. A similar presentation will also take place at SIGGRAPH 2009 in New Orleans.

This presentation will explore the challenges involved in creating some effects for Watchmen, focusing on some of the more complex sequences, looking at the genesis of the project from story-boards and reference photography through to final rendered images.

MPC's work on the Watchmen movie was completed in its new Vancouver facility. The work undertaken by MPC was diverse, everything from set extension and wire-removal through to close up digital doubles, crowds and fully CGI sequences, including a nuclear explosion and computer generated water. All in all MPC completed close to 300 shots for the movie and DVD spanning 24 sequences.

The following is a technical breakdown video of some of the stunning and seamless effects work MPC produced for Watchmen.

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6.8.09 Source: MPC

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