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More Movie Merch Revealed

DC Direct has revealed a few more of of it's planned movie tie-in collectibles which will start appearing in stores in January of 2009.

This time around we get a great look at two of the classic era Minutemen — Nite Owl and Silk Spectre, and a not so great look at the Dr. Manhattan action figure. Each figure stands at 6.75" inches high, features multiple points of articulation and a base, and will be packaged in a 4 color window box.

We also get to see The Comedian in two formats. The first is the standard Comedian action figure which is part of Action Figure Assortment 2, and the second is a 1:6 scale Deluxe Comedian Collector Figure which will set you back $125 and, according to DC Direct, will come complete “with many accessories, including multiple guns.”

Two more hand-painted, cold-cast porcelain busts were also reveled — The Comedian and Dr. Manhattan. Both will have Doomsday Clock depicted on the back, however, one intersecting detail appears on the front of the Comedian bust — a new grungy, blood-splatterd smiley logo. Hurm.

Also announced recently on the Raving Toy Manic Web site, are the release of three detailed prop replicas.

For a closer look at all of the previously announced movie action figures and busts, check out this article as well as this one.

6.13.08 Source: DC Direct

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