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Zack and Debbie Snyder Speak

Tonight, the Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror Films presents its 34th Annual Saturn Awards at the Hilton at Universal Studios — and Zack and Debbie Snyder will be there.

In fact, they gave one hell of an in-depth video interview to where they spilled the beans — sort of — on some of the things we can expect to see from the Watchmen movie in the coming months.

So, will there be a Watchmen trailer attached to WB’s mega tentpole superhero movie Dark Knight? Zack and Debbie didn’t deny it — in fact their expressions and mannerisms pretty much confirmed it without them actually saying it. Zack explained...

If that were the case it’d be super-cool because I think there’s a lot of people who don’t know what Watchmen is…when…if they saw shots on that movie…they’d go “What the hell is that?!”

As far as Comic Con goes, Debbie Snyder explained that they would be screening about two minutes of the film to fans there and Zack even discussed the possibility that they may actually be bringing the Owl Ship as well as a few of the costumes to show off as well.

It is expensive to bring…props…large props…but if the fans want something cool, sometimes you just have to bite the bullet…

In fact when asked if they will be giving any Watchmen promo items out to fans, Zack let us know, “There’ll be some cool stuff.” They also explained that we might start to see some viral marketing for the film and that we would definitely see some more fan participation promotions like the recent YouTube Veidt commercial contest.

The couple also went into locking horns with the studio on some of the finer points of the film, such as the R rating and an extra long runtime. Zack stated,

Yeah, there’s a battle for running time. That’s just the reality of the market place and a 3-hour movie. It’s like I say, it’s an opportunity for fans to — I don’t know if they can help — because it’s so specific, this movie is so particular. My whole thing is, if you don’t have the core, you don’t have anything with Watchmen. This movie starts with a core and goes into pop culture that way and that’s what I’m trying to do.

But the couple admitted that the studio battles have gotten a bit easier for them lately. Zack explained that Warner Bros. reacted very positively to the 20 or so minute “sizzle reel” that he previewed to Warner Bros. recently, and that the studio can “feel the buzz”, and that they’re also starting “to feel this Watchmen ground-swelling weirdness.” Debbie Snyder also went on to say,

I think with the success of 300, in some ways it made it easier to embrace an R-rated film but Watchmen is so complex – it’s another thing, it doesn’t fit in a box – so I think that’s always a scary thing. I think when they made 300 that was also scary and they took a chance and it proved them well so I think it was slightly easier, but still every day there’s battles and everything, but they’ve been very supportive of us.

More than ever, it seems that Zack pulled off making an film adaptation that is not only faithful to the source material but also a movie that the fans, and studio, will really like. One thing is for sure — he's really excited about it, and it shows...

I believe we made for the first time — at that scale — a movie that points directly at that audience. I fight [Warner Bros.] every day to not take out the hardcore stuff that makes it Watchmen. They’re like “Are you kidding me? This is an R-rated movie, it cost this much money, it’s this long?” but that’s the fight and I think that all the stuff that’s in there right now is the stuff that makes it the experience of Watchmen – Manhattan looks awesome right now – it’s just cool.

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