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Zack Sets Us Straight

So, Zack Snyder won Best Director for 300 at this year’s Saturn Awards and while he was backstage carrying his award off, he gave another video interview.

I'm guessing the video was shot at the end of the night because Snyder seemed pretty tired and perhaps a bit “partied out” from the event.

Regardless, he dropped a few more Watchmen tidbits that are very much worth reporting.

First, It seems we will be getting our first look at Dr. Manhattan a lot sooner than we had thought According to Snyder,

I think you will see Manhattan before Comic-Con. That's my feeling. But there's other stuff that you will see that's crazy at Comic-Con.

The interview also asked Snyder about some of the negative fan reaction to the costume photos that were released a few months ago.

Someone said, like “Those costumes look like Joel Schumacher!” And I go “Do you think that I don’t know? Do you think that would be an accident?” If you don’t acknowledge where comic book movies are right now, if you can’t… in the same way that Watchmen referenced and took apart the comic book genre and the comic book heroes, you have to make some reference to those same decisions in cinema. You have to. And if you think the fact that Ozy’s costume has nipples is a mistake or that we don’t understand the design, then it's like to me that’s crazy. It's just you really need to pay more attention to what we’re doing.

To watch the entire interview where Zack also talks about his upcoming projects Army of The Dead, Guardians of Ga'Hoole, Illustrated Man and a possible 300 sequel check out the video at

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