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Snyder Talks Manhattan

In a recent interview given at this year’s Saturn Awards, Watchmen director Zack Snyder discussed where the final cut of the film stands right now and revealed how much of the film’s visual effects work is completed.

I think the version I have right now has maybe two real Dr. Manhattan shots in it and they're not even done. There are two shots that don't look like Billy [Crudup] in the light suit in the movie. The visual effects supervisor is totally on it. I mean, exploratory of Manhattan and all that stuff has been happening and it's super cool.

Snyder also offered a perspective on the Watchmen characters in the film and how he perceives them as elements within the story.

There are two ways to look at them. One says like, oh, it's like a dysfunctional family. It's like a Thanksgiving. Then you could also say they're all personality traits of a single person, which is also a really cool way to look at it.

But does Zack have a favorite Watchmen character? Which one character does he feel is the most important in the story?

I think to me it's Manhattan's movie in a lot of ways, because it's his influence on the world but it's also The Comedian's movie in a way because it's his influence on all of them. I mean, Rorschach is seminal and he's everyone's favorite. And Jackie [Earle Haley]'s a frickin' rock star in the movie.

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