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Gibbons Tours Watchmen

My, how time flies. It’s the 6th again and another video journal has arrived. This time it takes the shape of a walking tour through the production by Watchmen Illustrator Dave Gibbons.

Now many of you thought I was a little too harsh in my criticisms of last month’s stunt video when I said it just didn't have enough “oomph” and was pretty light on details compared to the previous month’s video.

So how do I like this one? I like it a lot. Not because I’m seeing or hearing lots of things I didn’t already know — but because all of the fans (especially the ones who have been down on Zack) got confirmation that Snyder is taking the source material very, very — and I mean very — seriously. I’ve known all this for a long time, and I hope this video finally convinced all of the critical fans out there that Zack is worthy of carrying the mantle of Watchmen into theaters.

Here’s a little of what Gibbons had to say about Snyder, and what the illustrator has seen so far of his commitment and dedication to the comic.

The Watchmen movie has been through I don’t know how many directors, producers, studios for many, many years — 20 years at least — and the fact that Zack Snyder is making it, a guy who clearly loves comics and is very familiar with it and realizes the importance of sticking to the original themes. It’s just amazing stuff! He’s stuck as closely as he can to what we put in the original comic book and played the strengths of that, rather than taking a bunch of characters and making a generic movie.

Visual tidbits inside the video included some close up looks at the photos and framed newspaper clippings hanging on the walls in Hollis Mason’s apartment, a quick look at Patrick Wilson and Malin Akerman as Dan and Laurie through the circular window of the Gunga Diner, and our first glimpse of Rorschach, played by Jackie Earle Haley, in motion.

A few details were exposed that will have all of us über Watchmen geeks buzzing including a look at a movie poster for “Silk Swingers of Suburbia” — the “B” movie bomb that starred original Silk Spectre Sally Jupiter — hanging on the wall of the Minutemen’s HQ, a glimpse at the trophy in Hollis Mason’s apartment that’s used as a bludgeoning object in a famous scene, and a near perfect video recreation of the 1963 self-immolation of a Buddhist monk in Saigon, which will likely be seen in the opening credits montage of the film.

For an in-depth photographic analysis of all of the important frames of this video journal, be sure to check out’s video still frame gallery.

7.6.08 Source: UGO

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