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A Look Inside Watchmen

Publisher Titan Books has launched a new “mini” Web site to keep fans informed of all of their events and activities and this year’s Comic Com.

Not only can you find information on the previously announced Dave Gibbons’ book Watching the Watchmen, which chronicles the development of the original comic series, but the site has also revealed that fans can expect a behind-the-scenes Watchmen movie book as well.

The 176 page book entitled Watchmen: The Official Film Companion will contain concept art, set photos and sketches from Zack Snyder’s storyboards and will be released in February 2009 one month before the film hits theaters.

Aside from the “where’s” and “when’s” of Titan's Comic Con events, there’s also some supplemental material on the “mini” site that Watchmen fans would find interesting.

First, in the movie section of the site, you can find this site’s exclusive Zack Snyder fan Q&A which we have graciously allowed Titan to re-publish. Second, you will find an exclusive Dave Gibbons interview where the Watchmen illustrator answers questions about his new book and the Watchmen comic series. Here’s an excerpt from Dave on what you can expect to find inside the pages of Watching the Watchmen:

Lots of sketches, lots of notes, lots of previously unpublished artwork. There are some finished and semi-finished pencil pages that were never inked, there are some frames that I redrew, there are rough versions of covers, there are color guides, there are costume designs, there are pages of script, pages of proposal, thumbnails, various portfolios that were done, bits of merchandising, watches, badges, lead figures, all kinds of stuff that even surprised me when I discovered it! You’ll also find my commentary on it, which is very much my story of the beginnings of Watchmen, the creation of the comic and what later became the graphic novel and a really nice piece by John Higgins about what it was like to be involved with the creative team.

The “mini” site is also offering fans a chance to win Watchmen artwork as well as a copy of the Watchmen: The Official Film Companion both signed by Dave Gibbons himself.

For the complete Dave Gibbons interview and more information about their presence this year at the San Diego Comic Con, head on over to

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