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Holy crap, what a day yesterday was. It all started when Empire Online, the site that was granted the exclusive of premiere of the first Watchmen movie trailer, royally screwed up by posting the video where fans could easily find it eight hours before they were told to.

Next thing you know, copies of the trailer were floating around YouTube and, even though WB got Empire to pull down their links, there was no stopping the frenzied juggernaut of file sharing fans.

By around 6 PM EST, WB gave the green light to post all of the HD trailers, but it didn’t end there.

At some point Warners also released the premiere episode of the Watchmen motion comic to iTunes, where initially they will be a free download but will cost $1.99 starting August 1st. The episode was the first of 12 that will parallel each of the issues of the original comic series by animating the actual panels drawn by Watchmen illustrator Dave Gibbons. WB hopes the motion comic will help build buzz for the film.

Then, the official movie Web site was updated from just a production blog, to a full-blown marketing site complete with desktop wallpapers, buddy icons, photo gallery and, of course, the new trailer.

Fan reaction to all of this new eye candy has been very positive with only a few little details getting some criticism. The first trailer has most fan’s jaws on the floor, including mine, but the one problem many fans are having is the look of Matthew Goode as Adrian Veidt. Lots of fans have expressed that he just looks too young, and they’re still having trouble with the costume, his hair… overall, they’re just not sure he will be able to pull off the role convincingly.

Some fans also expressed concerns about the pacing and action in the trailer, explaining that the way it was cut, it made Watchmen look like it’s all action and no substance. It’s my guess that the studio is playing up a familiar 300 vibe to spark interest in an audience that has mainly never heard of Watchmen before in hopes of hooking them quickly and generating some positive early buzz.

Many other entertainment sites released some exclusive Watchmen stories and interviews as well yesterday. Look for our detailed reports on all of that news around the pages of this Web site soon.

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