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An Offer Alan Moore Can Refuse

I know it's been a long time since there has been a news update on this site, but if I neglected to report this story as soon as it broke the fans would make me turn in my smiley pin.

According to a recent interview with, Watchmen author Alan Moore was recently offered the rights to Watchmen from DC Comics — something the eclectic Northampton resident has wanted for years.

So how come the comics publisher decided to play nice with the legendary writer now? In the interview, Moore explains that they offered him the rights to Watchmen back, if he would “agree to some dopey prequels and sequels.”

It's no surprice that Moore outright refused, explaining that “if [DC Comics] said that 10 years ago, when I asked them for that, then yeah it might have worked. But these days I don’t want Watchmen back. Certainly, I don’t want it back under those kinds of terms.”

This adds another painful chapter to the now legendary rift between Moore and DC that was allegedly fueled by payment disagreements, perceived editorial interference, an attempt to merchandise Watchmen back in the 1980's, and long list of butchered film adaptations of his work including The League of Extrodinary Gentermen and V For Vendetta.

In fact, according to Moore, it was this mistreatment that lead him to ask DC Comics to keep his name off of the Watchmen movie and made him sign over his film royalties to Watchmen co-creator and illustrator Dave Gibbons. He even went so far as to “spit venom” on the Watchmen film adaptation shortly before the film was released.

“I don’t even have a copy of Watchmen in the house anymore,” Moore explained to Wired. “The comics world has lots of unpleasant connections, when I think back over it, many of them to do with Watchmen.”

Back in Februray, 2010 there was even buzz around some Watchmen spinoffs at DC Comics being developed, but DC Comics Senior VP and Executive Editor Dan DiDio tried to quell those rumors right away. DiDio even explained that, “DC Comics would only revisit these iconic characters if the creative vision of any proposed new stories matched the quality set by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons nearly 25 years ago.”

I'll keep you posted as this story develops. Let's all hope it doesn't.

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