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Watchmen Game Is a “Go”

Most gamers grimace when they here about movie tie-in video games. Let’s face it, most of them suck really bad and usually are green-lighted just to cash in on a movie’s hype.

Realizing that just isn't enough development time left before the film's March 2009 release to create a decent tie-in game, Warner Bros. inventive solution is to turn Watchmen into a series of downloadable episodic video games.

Warner Bros. Interactive’s senior VP of production and development Samantha Ryan explains the reason behind this decision is to allow them to create the best game possible with the little development time they have:

What we're trying to do with "Watchmen" is create the best quality game that delivers the experience fans expect from what we believe to be a great movie and a great property. Rather than the more traditional "time is limited squeeze the puppy onto the market" route, we wanted to craft something that's the best possible game it can be. There's a great crossover between "Watchmen" fans and gamers. It's a hard core property and a hard core movie and a hard core game. A downloadable game allows us to deliver the experience that fans expect.

The games will be available for download on systems like XBOX 360 and PS3 and will only have a few hours of game play each. Two of the episodic games are currently being developed by Danish developer Deadline Games. The first will be released with the film for download with the second to accompany the DVD. Whether or not more episodes will be delivered later depends on the success of the first two.

According to Ryan, the game will be a fighting game where you can play either Rorschach or Nite Owl, and that its look “captures the grim and gritty look of Watchmen.” There’s even a good chance there will be a co-op mode.

I can assume Zack Snyder had a hand in this decision as he was vocal in the past at how he was de termed to deliver a better video game for Watchmen than he did for 300, which due to time constraints, forced them to only develop a game for PSP.

7.23.08 Source: The Cut Scene

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