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Comedian Action Figure Debuted

Asian toy maker Hot Toys was at this year's San Diego Comic Con showing off some of their latest creations, one of which was a new, highly detailed Comedian action figure

Like the Silk Spectre II figure they have previously announced, the Comedian figure stands approximately 30cm tall and features more than 26 points of articulation.

The figure will also be dressed in his movie accurate black hero costume complete with with mask, cigar, several guns including a shotgun and teargas gun, and a bandolier strap.

The figure also boasts a highly detailed head sculpt and the authentic likeness of Jeffrey Dean Morgan as the Comedian, one interchangeable head, and a 12 inch figure stand with a Comedian nameplate.

We contacted our sources over at Hot Toys for more on this action figure release, but was only told more information and photos would be released some time in August which likely means a late August or early fall release for the figure.

Although price information has not been released yet, be prepared to pay between $150 to $175 for these bad boys as that is the going rate for similar figures that were previously released for The Dark Knight and Hellboy.

For those of you who just can't wait for (or can't afford) these high-end figures, head on over to the action figures page on this site to get a hold of all of the currently released DC Direct figures, which, though aren't as detailed as their Hot Toys counterparts, still look really good and also cost a whole lot less.

Hot Toys Comedian Action Figure

Hot Toys Comedian Action Figure

Hot Toys Comedian Action Figure Hot Toys Comedian Action Figure

Hot Toys Comedian Action Figure

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