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Owlship Rising

Welcome to the fifth installment of the Watchmen production’s monthly video journals. This time, we get a detailed look at the star vehicle of the film — Nite Owl’s Owlship “Archimedes.”

The video, which was given exclusively to Yahoo! this month shows the production team designing, building, and using all of the various Owlship models created for the film. Director and fanboy Zack Snyder narrates part of the video, and you can tell he really likes old “Archie.”

I think the Owlship is one of those cool Batmobile type vehicles… If the illustrator — Dave Gibbons — was drawing the Owlship, we have taken that idea and just gone all the way with it. Take a sort of iconographic shape and make it like into a real object that lives in the world — and that's awesome fun.

Ever get the feeling Zack is incapable of forming a sentence with using the words “cool” and “awesome?” In his defense — look what he does for a living.

In the video, Watchmen movie Head Sculptor Jack Gauvreau runs down all of the fabulous options that come standard on the crime fighter’s ride:

It’s radar invisible, it’s got smoke generators on it so it can hide in the clouds, it can go underwater; it’s got all sorts of advanced weaponry on it — it’s a pretty futuristic thing.

The video showed the Owlship hovering over the backlot during the Keane Riot scene, as well as a mini two-dimensional version of the vehicle that was used to block some of the effects shots, including one where the ship hovers in front of the window of Adrian Veidt's high rise office. There are even some great close ups of the interior of the ship showing most of the controls inside the cockpit.

For an in-depth photographic analysis of all of the important frames of this video journal, be sure to check out’s video still frame gallery.

8.6.08 Source: Yahoo!

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