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Fire On the Set

Photos have surfaced showing the Watchmen movie effects team working on some shots for the scene where Nite Owl II and Silk Spectre II use the Owlship to rescue civilians from a tenement fire. Where did they come from? I don’t know, but they certainly look legit.

The dead giveaway that they are actually photos from the Watchmen movie, is that at the top of the third photo, an Owlship model can be clearly seen.

The photos show the effects team working on a miniature model of the tenement’s rooftop in preparation for setting it on fire, as well as two shots with the rooftop all ablaze.

The scene is taken from chapter seven in the comic series which is titled, “A Brother to Dragons.” In the book Laurie discovers Dan sulking in the Owl chamber, and in an attempt to try and console him, she convinces him that they should suit up in their old costumes and take Dan’s airship “Archie” out for spin to help clear Dan’s head.

While they’re cruising over New York City, they notice that a nearby tenement is on fire. After leading the trapped residents to safety, Dan’s passion and confidence is reborn and the pair consummate their relationship inside the airship.

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen images from the tenement fire scene. Back in March, when the first costume photos were revealed, the image of Silk Spectre II showed the hero moments after falling through the damaged roof of the tenement. The same scene was also included in the first trailer that was released earlier this month.

A few other photos were leaked earlier in the week over at of some of Nite Owl II’s crime fighter gear, including a throwing weapon that looks a lot like a shuriken, and a handheld control unit that is likely the remote to the Owlship. Some fans are concerned about Nite Owl using what is more or less a ninja weapon in the film, as he never possessed a weapon like this in the comic series. It’s not known how, and if, these props will even be seen or used in the finished film.

io9 has removed the a few of the photos from when they originally posted the article, but for now, we’ve got all of them in our photos section.

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