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Andy Warhol Speaks

Greg Travis is no stranger to Hollywood films or to television, and with roles in Showgirls and Starship Troopers, he’s seen his share of screen time. In, Watchmen, he plays Pop Art guru Andy Warhol in a scene that’s part of the opening credits montage.

I did the first week and just basically did Andy Warhol in the factory studio… and Andy had done all of these portraits of the Watchmen so he’s having his art opening with all of his portraits of the Watchmen characters.

Now, it’s not news that there was an Andy Warhol factory party in the film. In fact, this site ran a story and posted photos from the Vancouver shoot way back in September 2007. This is the first time we're seeing Travis all dressed up as Andy and getting his take on what was shot.

Travis explained that the factory party included lots of celebrities, and even mentioned that as far as famous faces go, we’ll be seeing plenty of them in the film including the likes of Fidel Castro. We knew from past reports that there would be many look-alikes cast in the film, and this site brought you the first photos of the Kennedy family. However, Travis explains that the movie version will have lots more than what was seen between the pages of the original comic series.

The script is going to be a little different. The movie is going to encompass a lot more; I think [Zack Snyder is] really going to surprise people with this because, you know, he’s putting a lot of stuff into it. He’s going to jam it with, probably, so many ideas that are not in the comic book but maybe will make sense once the whole thing is presented.

Travis admitted that security was real tight on set and that he was lucky to get a few innocuous shots of him dressed as Warhol, including this one with the look-alike playing Truman Capote. He even explained that the production had some issues with some of the shooting scripts making their way onto Ebay early on. Overall, Travis seems very confident that the film will please audiences, and sang the praises of Zack Snyder as director.

Zack was great, he was really nice to work with and a very fun guy, lots of energy, and just really cool.

8.10.08 Source: Fanboy Radio,

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